3D Knossos Tour

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    90 minutes

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    200€ per group (Guided Tour)

90 minutes

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Group up to 2 pax

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Knossos Palace


Heraklion Archaeological Museum

New prices in ancient sites and museums of Greece. Revised entrance fees and categories for archaeological sites and museums.
Single tickets for multiple sites will no longer be available. (ex. Knossos & Archaelogical museum of Heraklion)

Tour Info

A Private tour ideal for Families (using 3D Tablets).

The narrative of your private guide enables you with your own eyes, through 3D images to realize how Knossos might have been, at the time. Your private guide will walk with you through the palace of Knossos painting the picture of these incredible people we call the Minoans, while you see 3D the palace of Knossos with its people, courtyards, bull leaping private rooms, before your eyes, just for eyes!

We offer to the visitors of Knossos a mini iPad tablet which, through a special application that is based on modern technologies, virtual and augmented reality, can see a representation of the site as it was before, in real time. When the visitor is inside Knossos, can use a tablet and aiming towards the ruins of the site to see a complete matching of all the monuments around it, as it was in ancient times, in three dimensions and 360°. In addition, the user can enter virtual inside buildings even if the place cannot be visited or not there today. So the visitors can see the monuments in a real time 3D App, and moreover compare it with the today ruins.

The iPad is protected by a special sheath, carry belt to hang it on the neck and a visor that allows the user to use the content seamlessly and reliably under the summer sun. In this way the tablet is converted into virtual reality goggles, having the possibility of infinite zoom.

This is a very new innovative initiative that best combines entertainment and educational aspects.

The Reconstruction is based on purely archaeological scientific studies and supervised by Dr. Colin F. Macdonald (former Curator for the British School at Athens).

A three dimensional tour of the Famous Palace of Knossos!

On this tour you have the opportunity to not only enjoy the narrative of your private tour guide in the site, but also see the Palace of Knossos on your personal tablets as it was 4000 years ago!

A private guided tour that gives you the best possible visual experience of Knossos.

A user friendly iPad for you to capture Knossos at its best!

Starting time per period

November 1st until April 30th
Monday, Wedneday, Friday, Sunday


May 1st until May 31st
Monday - Sunday

09:00 & 11:00

June 1st until October 31st
Monday - Sunday

09:00 & 11:00 & 17:00

Meeting Point

We are in front of the main gate of Knossos Palace